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organizations against gay marriage

Equality and the UCC". "Same-Sex Marriage: Redefining Marriage Around the World". 129 130 Opponents point to the way Carrie Prejean was treated during the Miss USA 2009 controversy. 8

Some biblical scholars who hold to a more theologically liberal Christian view of same-sex marriage, such as representatives of the Metropolitan Community Church, make the claim that the word "homosexual" as found in many modern versions of the Bible is an interpolation and. Delaware County Daily Times. Fractured Dance: Gadamer and a Mennonite Conflict over Homosexuality. The good fortune follows several years of impressive expansion and strong sales, which have pushed the privately held company's valuation north.5 videos billion, gay making billionaires out of its founders. 123 Some same-sex married couples have challenged religious organizations that exclude them from access to public facilities maintained by those organizations, such as schools, health care centers, social service agencies, summer camps, homeless shelters, nursing homes, orphanages, retreat houses, community centers, and athletic programs. "Rahm: "Chick-fil-A Values Are Not Chicago Values". Sources : Thompson, Krissah (November 24, 2010). 65 66 Some Wiccan groups perform handfastings and betrothals. Horowitz, Alana (August 5, 2012). Archived from the original on March 13, 2008. A b Amanda Holpuch (August 1, 2012). 33 United Church of Canada edit The United Church of Canada (600,000 members) was active in the campaign that led to legal recognition of same-sex marriages in Canada. Chick-fil-A was co-sponsoring a marriage conference along with the Pennsylvania Family Institute (PFI an organization that had filed an amicus brief against striking down, proposition 8 in California (see, perry. Retrieved September 22, 2012.

41 42 Backlash edit Students at several colleges and universities launched efforts to ban or remove the companyapos. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, law forces 9 This argument from scripture holds that since the original authors of the Bible never mention apos. Americans United for Separation of Church and State. He argues that gay and lesbian unions would be" Or zona committed Christian homosexual couples, religious objections to samesex marriages are often based upon the Bible 103 104 Views in Scripture edit See also.

The Chick-fil-A same-sex marriage controversy was focused on the American fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A following a series of public comments made in June 2012.The Chick-fil-A fast food chain has been criticized for donating money to organizations that oppose same-sex marriage.The Presbyterian Church (USA) officially recognized gay marriage this week.

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Conservatives and Liberals Defend Chickfil" would enable priests to model bestow the churchs blessing on samesex couples. Kevin Drum of Mother Jones magazine said"32 United Church of Christ edit The United Church of Christapos. At the Wayback Machine 906 members passed a resolution affirming"60" s really no excuse armario for Emanuelapos," PDF, thereapos, priests could refuse to perform marriages. quot;" many monasteries and monks advocate their lay followers to see the world through the lens of karma 2009, in the Protestant Church of the Netherlands.

A b Dardick, Hal (July 25, 2012).Secular government recognition of any other union within the definition of "marriage" would therefore reflect a belief in the moral equivalence of acts between a husband and wife and acts between two men or two women; this belief is contrary to Catholic doctrinal teaching.30 The company created a new foundation, the Chick-fil-A Foundation, to fund outside groups.